At ink808, we provide a full service screen-printing solution for businesses and communities.

Our premium printing operation accommodates for your wants and your needs. There is no minimum order--we can take orders as small as one shirt and as large as thousands.  You can supply your own garments or we can supply them for you. Most of our customers make a digital version of their ideas. We have a talented staff that can work with you through this creative process.  Whether you have the design or the idea, our production team can provide you with assistance.

The Screen-printing Process

  1. Designing Art for Screen Printing

    It all starts with an idea. Most of our customers make a digital version of their ideas. However, we have talented staff that can help you with this process. Just bring your idea and we can work with you through the creative process.

  2. Producing the Art for Screen Printing

    Once the screen-printing design is approved, our production artist will send it through a process called color separation. Each color of the design will receive a screen. From there, they are printed on a film positive.

  3. Preparing the Screen(s) for Screen Printing

    The film positives are prepared for the screen by coating it with photosensitive emulsion. It is then attached to the emulsion coated screens, and burned for t-shirt printing.

  4. Screen Printing Your Custom T-Shirts

    Screen-printing finishes by transferring the ink through the screen onto the shirt with a squeegee, and then the t-shirt is run through a special dry at 320°F to cure the ink. It is then checked for quality control.

Turnaround Time

Our belief in providing the best quality includes our production time.  We will complete your order within 6 business days.  If you need an order in less time, we offer rush services.

Additional Services

You handle the marketing; we’ll handle the rest. If you are looking for someone to handle your merchandise while you sell it. We can handle the folding, tagging, bagging, and even order fulfillment.


Currently, we do not post our prices on our website because of all the details that goes into pricing an order. However, here are some tips if you are looking to keep costs down…

  • Quantity matters - the more you order, the more you save.
  • Additional colors printed on both sides of the garment add to the total cost.
  • White blank shirts are generally less expensive than colored blank shirts.
  • Some t-shirt brands are more affordable than others (check out our suppliers to see a list of available brands).